Normalized weighted geometric Dombi Bonferroni mean operator with interval grey numbers: Application in multicriteria decision making

  • Dragan Pamucar University of Defence, Military academy, Department of logistics, Belgrade, Serbia
Keywords: Interval Grey numbers (GNs); Bonferroni mean; Dombi norms; Multi-criteria decision Making; MCDM.


The main purpose of this paper is to provide a multi-criteria decision-making that combines interval grey numbers and normalized weighted geometric Dombi-Bonferroni mean operator to address the situations where attribute values take the form of interval grey numbers under uncertain information. As in recent decade, evaluation objects are becoming more and more complicated, the interval grey numbers (GNs) are employed to more accurately express uncertainty of the evaluation objects. Firstly, operations and comparison method for interval grey numbers are defined. Subsequently, the interval grey number normalized weighted geometric Bonferroni mean (GNWGBM) operator, is presented accordingly in some desirable characteristics.


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